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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let's talk about addictions. No, not to drugs, or alcohol or smoking, thank heavens for that. But I do have a few. I don't think any of them are anything to worry about. My first addiction is to tea.

I'm a southern girl so I grew up on Iced Tea year round. If you come to my house for dinner you will have a choice of sweetened or unsweetened (not to worry, if you don't drink tea I'll find something for you). In the past couple years I have started drinking hot tea. I like trying new flavors.

Right now my favorites are English Breakfast tea. That's what I had this morning with blueberry muffins I just made. I used my lemon for the zest to go in the muffins. My other favorites are English Tea Time, a ginger peach tea my grandaughter gave me for Christmas and Chai.

I might get all my different boxes and tins out and take a picture of them all for you.

Right now here are a couple pictures of my morning indulgence.


  1. That's a good indulgence! Healthful tea and a fruit muffin? Not too bad- and the pics you took are lovely. :)