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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Our azeleas have been so pretty this year. I love spring.

Post for outdoor Wednesday

This is that new area I've planted. My plants have some growing up to do.

My grand in front of the roses.


  1. Beautiful post for Out Door Wednesday -- aren't children sweet at that age.. My boys I mean young men are grown up now miss those early years though they still bting me great joy.


  2. Your photographs, especially the close-ups are magnificent. That hot pink azalea is incredible...almost blinding!

    I read your profile and see that you are a pediatric nurse. My kids love the nurses at our local pediatrician's office...except when it comes to vaccinations! It's a bummer that the docs get to brush that job off on you! LOL

    My sister is an ICU nurse. Due to her great mommy skills and knowledge from nursing school...knew that something just wasn't right about her little man...he wasn't growing or putting on weight. Come to find out that he had a AV Canal Defect. Eli underwent open heart on Labor Day weekend of 2009 and is now a tough and boisterous as they come. He's still small for his age, but can now hang with the cousins! LOL

    Looking forward to getting to know you better and watching your newest plantings "grow up"!


  3. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I looked back through yours, and I have to say, you are a great photographer! I am all thumbs -- when I get a good one, it's a lucky accident. BTW, I disagree that blogs should be all about Happy Happy! That is why I shut down my first two, because I thought I wasn't "conforming" to the fluff stuff that a lot of the popular ones are. I decided that when I started blogging again, it would be real -- what is going on in the world and with me. I think the compassion you felt for the little patient you lost shows a deep humanity and gives your readers a much truer picture of what kind of person you are. Anyone can post pictures they found in magazines or on the web -- and throw marshmallows at the readers, so to speak. It takes a person with heart to share what you did, eloquently.


  4. Love your azaleas! I wish I had more colorful ones! Fortunately, my neighbor does and our gardens blend :)
    thanks for stopping by - love the blue too - so thankful my hydrangeas have bloomed so beautifully this spring.
    Becoming a follower

  5. Thank you all for visiting my blog. I'm learning all of this and am always so happy to see someone come by.

    Oh Scribbler, you just made me tear up. That post was in response to something Kim asked at Daisy Cottage. It had been eating at me for days. I'm not just a nurse with a job, some of the kids and their families are like a part of my family.

    Valerie, your sister must know how I feel. I bet she gets close to some of her patients and families too. I think that's why I disliked the series Nurse Jackie so much, never saw any nurse who acted like her.

    joanny, some days I long for the days when my daughter was still here and we had cousins here. I guess that is why God gives us the grands.

    kathy, my husband plants them and I take pictures of them. I love gardening and photography, its so fun to combine the 2.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful! I wished our yard looked like that. I can only get dirt to grow. LOL

  7. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog...I see you live in Georgia...what part of the state do you live in??....I am in the Atlanta area in Marietta....If you are close by the Atlanta Bloggersd are having a little get together on June 25th if you would like to join us....Infact there will be another pediatric nurse there...E-Mail me.... @ sueadivari@bellsouth.net

  8. Hi NaNaNay,
    Thanks for stopping by to say hi - it is nice to meet you! It is always good to meet new fellow bloggers from the beautiful state of Georgia! Although we have only been here for two years now, we are loving it here! I really enjoy the weather as opposed to the rain in Washington where I lived most of my life.

    I LOVE your beautiful flowers and it looks like your tomatoes are doing well too. I am having so much fun with my garden this year and already have 7 tomatoes coming up! I love it that I can grow veggies here in Georgia that I couldn't grow in Washington because of the short summer season.
    Blessings to you,