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Saturday, February 23, 2013


What does a bowl of soup have to do with retirement? Well it is just one of the things I've been doing trying new recipes. I also got a new sewing/embroidery/quilting machine. So I have a couple projects going. I'm making a banner that says Welcome Baby for my daughter's baby shower. I'll post a picture as soon as I complete it. I have several little baby things I'm working on. I loved my job but it was very hard on me physically. I miss my co-workers and the kids. But I love being at home. My granddaughter is spending the night. She loves getting to come over whenever she wants and doesn't have to hear me say I'm working this weekend.


  1. I retired from the hospital about 1-1/2 years ago. I miss the people but not getting up at 4am to be in there before 6am every morning. I hope you have lots of fun getting your projects done. How funny- I posted about soup today, too. Must be a "retirement" thing!;>) Have a great day- xo Diana

    Renee- Do you know you have double word verification on? Blogger really keeps the spam out so if you want to remove it let me know and I will email you instructions-it is VERY easy to do.

  2. Congratulations on your retirement. I'm so glad you're enjoying it because some folks don't know what to do with themselves. Your soup looks delish in that pretty bowl. I tell my husband I almost don't need cookbooks any more since there are blogs and Pinterest! :)
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I am at the countdown stage - 66 days. I can't wait to putter in my garden EVERY day.