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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yes it is cold here, too.

I have to admit the cold isn't my favorite time of year.
If we could just  have a tiny bit of snow to look at I might like it better.
But it keeps missing us. 
So I sit here and look at the bare trees and dreary skies until a flash or red catches my eye.
Watching the birds at the feeders is one of my favorite parts of winter.
Hubby had dr. appointments the other day. 
In between we met our daughter and the youngest grand. 
She had a little playtime at the mall playground.
Crawling everywhere.

You want to take my picture again?

Who cares if she's taking my picture again I have to figure this out.


  1. I hope everyone is staying healthy in this cold. We are still unseasonably warm, but so many people are talking about being housebound. I don't know how anyone with young children can handle being inside with little ones all day long.

    Cute photos - I am so jealous of your grandchildren.

  2. cute kids and cute captions. The littlest is adorable, that's my favorite age till about 3 yrs. And your pumpkin patch was beautiful. I can hardly wait to see this summers. T.

  3. How sweet to see these little darlings! I love to watch the birds too! I appreciate you and your comments more than you know and love your friendship in blogland. Be blessed today and you're always a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. HI Renee! Hope the snow is melting at your place and it's not so cold! Thanks for popping in to see my Jadeite. I got my Rooster at CB too. I wish they would have some more pieces - I love that stuff.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0