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Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Party

Vanessa is having a Halloween Party.

Thank you Vanessa for your magical blog.

You have helped me get through some very rough days this year.

I've always LOVED Halloween.

I love all the colors, the smells, the pumpkins.

Maybe because it's a couple days after my birthday.

Maybe it's because when we were kids I could always borrow some of my


skirts, scarves, jewelry and be a


Maybe it's because I have a dark side.

A side that love zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and

other things that go bump in the night.


follow the ghost lights

to a welcome.

We can chat and have popcorn,pumpkin roll (I had plans to make pumpkin cupcakes today

but I've done something to my knee so no cooking for me)

and drink some hot apple cider.

(With spices of course).

Or maybe you would like some hot tea.

It is the south so of course there is some iced tea.

Maybe a Honey crisp apple is more to your liking.

Pull up a chair

get cozy and we will watch

a movie, or two.

Maybe a book is more to your liking

with stories by Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, Robert Bloch, Ramsey Campbell or Stephen King among many others. (A recent find at Barnes and Noble).

Don't mind the ghosts, they are all friendly here.

We can watch the witches.

Glad you stopped by for a visit.
Well, doesn't everyone have a grave in the garden?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Fall is in the air

Pumpkins are everywhere

so we brought one home and

made this.

God knew what he was doing when he made


my grandchild.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Forever in my heart.

She lost her brave fight with cancer.

We were there with her to take care of her. She would look at us and say I don't want you to work so hard taking care of me. We would tell her "Momma if our roles were reversed this is what you would do for us." We knew that because that's what she did for her step-mother, her dad and her mother and father in law.

The last 3 words she said to me were "I love you".

I love you momma, you were my momma and my friend. You will be forever in my heart.