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Friday, June 14, 2013

Every day things

What a terrible blogger I am. Most days I just check on several favorite blogs.

You would think with being retired I could find loads of time to do everything.

We have a garden. So some days I have things to do in it (like trying to keep all that Johnson grass from taking over everything). I have a lot of lilies in bloom.  I bought a new plant holder at Home Depot. Love it.

Last year I bought some huge geraniums  at a local nursery. When I started planting things in pots this spring I pulled out some dead plants and threw 2 in a plastic bucket. One day I was out watering my plants and noticed some green on one of them so put it in a planter and it is growing like crazy. Then the other day I was going to throw a bit of brown plant away and it had green leaves, so stuck it in a pot. I don't know why that impressed me so much, maybe that those plants were just determined they weren't giving up.

My granddaughter has her first job. She gets to help set up before a friend's art classes. Fun for her.
The youngest grandbaby is keeping her mommy busy. She is smiling and cooing.

I hemmed 2 skirts yesterday and I'm working on a quilt for Piper.

Just every day things.