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Thursday, July 29, 2010


For not posting much lately.

We've been camping and to a family reunion for Mr. Scrap. That was in Virginia and it was so much cooler than here, what a relief.

What is it about water that just makes things seem cooler?

We had company over the weekend, my grand has been here a lot and she was sick while here, sharing her bug with me.

These cute little boys came to visit and had so much fun.

We dug out a bunch of Liv's "Little People" and the kids had so much fun with them.

We've been swimming. We have a little above ground pool that could be deeper but its kinda sloping down the hill a bit. But its wet and on these hot days it feels great.

We have another trip coming up and I can't wait.

There will be sand, an ocean, and one of my favorite cities there.

Pictures when we get back.


  1. Enjoy the beach enjoy the whole trip ! WE have heat advisories ... what is with this 100* weather????