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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where I create

I create in three places. First is my garden. We have 10 acres in the country and I have a hubby who is good about making flower beds for me.

I love so many flowers.

Then there is my kitchen. I have to admit I don't always love cooking, but I get in moods where I love to be in the kitchen. My granddaughter and I make gingerbread cookies every year at Christmas. She loves to make cupcakes-just chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

Then there is my craft room. With all my crafting books and magazines, scrapbooking supplies, cross stitch, quilting, mixed media, etc, etc.

Some scrapbook pages.

Memory board and window topper I made.

Some day I want to take down the last of that 70s paneling in our upstairs and put up sheetrock then paint this room. But for now this is what I have. At least I do have a space to call my own. My granddaughter loves to find things for projects in here. Especially for stuffies.

The other place I create is anywhere I can take my camera. I love photography and am always taking pictures.

I have to tell you I used some older pictures of my craft room and the table is not that messy now:). I had been sorting (seems like sorting through what I have is a favorite thing to do).


  1. I used to have an enormous vegetable garden (planned out, designed, with paths and flower borders) and canned a TON of tomatoes. I miss it!

    I hope you have time to visit my creative spaces!

  2. I love your home :) Especially your garden! It is so pretty :D It all seems so welcoming. That salad looks super yummy, what kind of dressing is that? hee hee, sorry for the random question, I'm just so curious! Thank you for sharing your space with us!


  3. I so enjoyed the tour of your creative spaces. Your flowers are amazing!

  4. How wonderful to have so many creative pursuits! Thank you for sharing.

  5. You know what your post made me think? That the best thing you are creating is happy memories with that precious little girl. This touched my heart as I love my little granddaughter so much and can't wait to bake with her when she is a bit older! Thanks for sharing and hope to see you at my studio soon! I have a post about my brand new twin grandsons that are only 2 weeks old!! Adorable!Being a Grammie is the best!!! bertie

  6. Thank you for the tour! My Grandma used to do a lot of crafting with me and taught me so much.

  7. I suspect most of us create in more than one space. Loved your tour! How wonderful that you and your granddaughter create together.

  8. Your granddaughter is one lucky little gal! You are lucky too!! Wonderful garden, wonderful cooking, wonderful creating, wonderful creative space!! *smiles* Norma

  9. You covered 3 of my favorite things... Gardening, crafting and cooking! (okay well, NOT cooking, but I do like eating!!!) LOL!! Thankyou so much for sharing all your passions with us! I really enjoyed it.

  10. Thank you all so much for coming by.

    I meant to have some better close up pictures of my space and some of my projects. I'll do better next year.

  11. Isn't it wonderful that we can create just about anywhere!!! I just met a lady who considers her cooking her art!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. I love ALL your creative spaces! It was a great idea to include creating in the kitchen-I love to bake too-and creating in the garden. Thanks for the tour and for visiting my blog too!

  13. Thanks for sharing your joy of cooking with me. I loved your photos and love that one of your creative studios is the kitchen. Your grandaughter is a lucky girl!

  14. I love that included the outdoors as part of your creative space! So true! What wonderful spaces to create in!

  15. Thanks for sharing your creative spaces... looks like you've filled your home with warmth and fun!

  16. sweet sapce for sure - you have lots of fun stuff - and love your LO's...

    thanks for visitng my blog and space and leaving me such a nice comment.

    have a great week...

    embellishments by tina

  17. You have wonderful creative spaces! I could use your green thumb around here ~ love your garden. Creating in the kitchen with a grandchild sounds like a great thing to do. She'll have tons of choices of what to cook with all those cookbooks I saw in another post! : )
    You have a nice craft space too ~ love that wondow topper!

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Renee, thanks for sharing your creativity! I love flowers, too, but do NOT have a green thumb, so I really admire your garden. Your grandaughter is precious, I know your time with her is extra special. Your craft room looks like a little girls dream! BTW, we had a paneled room in our former house, and I was able to get a special primer from the paint store that would make paint adher to the wood and painted it. Just an idea, if the alternative is tearing the paneling out, you could still do that if you don't like the results. Happy creating!

  19. Loved that you showed garden, your kitchen and your craft space! Greatly enjoyed the tour. Also, saw your collections post--love your pyrex!


  20. Hi Renee,
    Your garden is so pretty...and cooking is always a joy when there's someone special ready to enjoy it. :0) Your creative space is wonderful...all those supplies just waiting to come out and play!

    Pink Sparkles for your day,
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥

  21. Aloha,
    Wow, you three creative spaces. Your flowers are gorgeous, I see you like to make preserves and cupcakes; yummy and your space where you do your scrapbooking and other crafts is a great space. Thanks for sharing your spaces with us and thanks for sharing some of your creative works of art.

  22. I create all over the house, too! Thank you for coming by my space and commenting! I love how you showed your space "for real", i.e., not all perfectly tidied up!

  23. Thanks for visiting my studio space. You have a lovely place and your garden is beautiful. It is great that you showed all your creative spaces just as they are. That is my plan for next year.

    My cook shack is a summer kitchen with screened in windows. I have a sink, countertop, a vintage 1920's gas cook stove and a vintage 1940's fridge and a old table. It is like stepping back into the days when there were canning kitchens. I open it up June and close it at the end of canning season in October. We basically move into the yard when summer comes. Pies, canning etc don't heat up the house and I can just leave the until the next day if I want. 12 quarts of cherries on the table in there right now.

  24. Thanks for visiting my little area where I create. Looks like you have many wonderful places to create! What fun! You go girl!

  25. Renee,
    What wonderful memories you are making with your granddaughter. They grow up so fast so enjoy every moment that you can. I love your creative spaces. The flowers are beautiful. Someone has been busy canning. I'm going to make pear preserve this next week.
    Come over and visit with me one day soon. I'm going to add you to my blog list and become a follower.


  26. You must be having a great time with your garden, kitchen and studio! What a beautiful way to create memories with your granddaughter, too.
    I enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing your craetive world with us.

  27. I agree with Pam, if you do get in the mood to lighten up that paneling try some KILZ primer and then white or light paint. it would make a big difference. Having said that, it's just wonderful to have a space for all your things and a place of your own. I'm sure your granddaughter is making many happy memories with you and I love to read how so many of today's crafters were inspired by their Grandmas!
    I love the toile and all the photos of your loved ones you have in there.

  28. I wish I had a beautiful garden and had a green thumb like you!
    Thanks for the tour of your studio too.

  29. Thank you for visiting my space:) Your spaces look like an Aladdin's Cave!!! I bet there are many goodies in there to find use and cherish. I wish I had a Garden tho to potter about in. I miss that

  30. I love how your shared all part of where you create. Your canned goodies look delicious.



  31. Hi! I love how you live a creative life.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful spaces.