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Saturday, June 11, 2011

RIP my friend

Just one week.

One short week to hear the news that you had terminal cancer.

Just one short week to know you were leaving us.

9 years that I've known you were not long enough.

9 years ago I typed in Stephen King on a search engine and found a place that sold his books and had a discussion board. My first ever discussion board. Little did I know I would find friends like me-just normal people who loved to read King.

Some of us have met in RL but even if we haven't we are still friends.

We all share in the loss of our dear friends.

One day janis was talking about not having pictures to hang of her fridge. I told her I can hook you up with that. And a friendship started between her and my granddaughter. A friend ship of postcards, letters, stories, little gifts through the years and a granddaughter who would ask the day after we mailed something "did I get a letter from janis yet".

janis I know you are in a better place with no pain. My heart is full of pain but also joy for the chance to be your friend.


  1. I am so sorry, I know your hewart is full of pain, but your friend is pain free now.Be thankful for that and for the opportunity to know her.

  2. misss, thank you for your sweet comments.
    You are so right I'm thankful for having known her.

  3. I'm sorry! It's always hard to know someone who is suffering, but also so hard to lose them. What a wonderful friendship you got to have!!