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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sometimes life is just hard

Sometimes it's hard to come up with the words to say to someone you love that is going through a bad time.

I am a cancer survivor.

I think that is why I became a nurse and I am a Pediatric/Oncology nurse. I would love to never have a new patient with a new diagnosis. I would love to never have to give another dose of chemo. But I know that is not realistic.

My mom has cancer but is finishing her radiation treatments this week. Yay for that.

My best friend for the past 30something years just found out her brother has cancer. He's had surgery and will start chemo.

Just a few days ago I found one of my dearest friends who I met on-line has cancer. Our group of friends have sent messages, phone calls, flowers and we are lighting candles for the healing, strengthening, loving energy they will send.

What is the purpose of this post? I don't know, just somewhere to put how I feel. I don't want to lose another loved one to this dreaded disease. I don't want another parent to face their child having this dreaded disease. I want cures for cancer, any kind, in any person.


  1. Renee- This is what your blog is for, to reach out to us when you need to:).Thinking of you.